That's a shame / それは残念だね

That’s a shameは、「それは残念だね」という意味です。


A: Luna can’t come for the game today.
B: What happened? Is she sick or something?
A: Yeah… She got a fever, so she has to stay in bed.
B: That’s a shame! Her favorite team will play today. She was really excited.

Straight up/down the street /この道を真っ直ぐ

Straight up/down the streetは、「この道を真っ直ぐ」という意味です。


A: Welcome to Oita! Are you here for the Rugby World Cup?
B: Yes, do you know how I could get to the Daigin Dome?
A: Sure, just walk straight up the street and you can catch a bus in front of the train station.
B: Thanks!





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