Is insurance included? / 保険は含まれていますか?

Is insurance included?は、「保険は含まれていますか?」という意味です。


A: I’d like to rent a car that can fit 4 people for the weekend.
B: Okay, it will cost $150 for two days. Is that okay?
A: Is insurance included?
B: Yes, it is.
A: Good, that’ll be perfect. Thank you.

Can I move to a different room? / 別の部屋に移れますか?

Can I move to a different room?は、「別の部屋に移れますか?」という意味です。


A: Hi, I’m having some problems with my room.
B: What’s the issue?
A: There’s no hot water, and the lights don’t work. Can I move to a different room?
B: Of course, we’re so sorry for the inconvenience.
A: Thank you.





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